Illustrations of our experience and know-how

A large utility client experienced reliability issues and start-up problems of a gas turbine plant that prohibited scheduled operation. The problems were particularly cumbersome during the winter period as the start-up phase was frequently interrupted by a number of errors and warnings: failed ignition, flame-out, large turbine outlet temperature spread and more. Several teams from the OEM were sent to the site without being able to provide a reliable solution.

  • CPS proposed a systematic and in-depth root-cause analysis to identify the reason for the erratic behavior of the engines during start-up.
  • The root cause analysis included evaluation of the ignition system and ignition fuel (propane), the main fuel (light diesel oil), fuel distribution system, operation conditions, engine settings and more.
  • A detailed evaluation of the flame stability during start-up considering ignition flame strength, momentum and temperature as well as main fuel evaporation rate was carried out.
  • The outcome of the root cause analysis pointed towards a need for optimizing the ignition system based on the particular conditions of the engine.
  • CPS launched a short test campaign to confirm the results of the detailed flame analysis.
  • After validating the results the solution was finally implemented into the engines. All engines successfully started on the first attempt and the plant has since then increased its start-up reliability to 100%.

Ignition system optimization

ingnition system