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CPS provides customized solutions for operators of power plants.

Technical Training

CPS provides technical training courses to strengthen your plant’s O&M team for improved performance and efficiency. The course content is tailored to fit your needs.

Tendering Consulting

CPS can assist you in negotiations with OEM companies and critically analyze technical offers as well as commercial contracts. With the participation of CPS you will be able to argue on a detailed technical level to your advantage.

Management Consulting

Benefit from the experience of OEM top managers (ABB, Alstom, General Electric) at a consulting basis. CPS provides support in due diligence processes as well as organizational restructuring programs.

General Engineering Consulting

CPS has the advanced technical capabilities to develop solutions for a wide range of industries.  Our expertise includes combustion and chemical processes, mechanical design, cooling & heat transfer processes as well as energy utilization in buildings and industry.

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