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Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers is a top priority.

CPS has executed a large number of challenging projects in power generation and energy efficiency services. We dedicate ourselves to deliver high quality and innovative solutions based on our advanced technical skills and capabilities. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers is a top priority as illustrated by a recent testament from one of our clients:

“We are impressed with your team’s collective knowledge, analysis tools, and capabilities in applying fundamentals as a foundation for a solution, regardless of the complexity. We have challenged CPS with projects involving very fluid scope and schedule, i.e. significant changes in objectives and milestones. CPS met this challenge on every occasion with great professionalism, expediency and understanding. We were able to maintain a very open level of communication with the CPS team, from both a project management and a technical level. This provided opportunity for learning and resulted in a more refined understanding of the technical challenges we face. This level of open communication is rare in the industry, if not unique, and is truly refreshing.”

Dennis del Grosso, Arizona Public Services
   Electricity, Power, Energy Services, USA.

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